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Why Use ToxTracker® at Labstat?
  • Helps evaluate the genotoxic potential of tobacco/nicotine formulations prior to your large-scale production launch, improving risk assessment and helping save time.   
  • Understand positive signals better so you can make the best decisions.
  • Mode of action information is valuable for regulatory applications.
  • Unlike other labs, Labstat can generate the sample and perform this assay in-house within an hour to maximize sample integrity and save time.

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The World’s Leading Analytical Testing Laboratory for Nicotine Product Testing

We provide manufacturers of tobacco and tobacco-related products with reliable, defensible data with industry-leading TAT to help you streamline product development and navigate industry regulations.

Laboratory Testing Services
  • Mycotoxins (Aflatoxins) LC/MS/MS method capable of quantifying the 
    Aflatoxins: B1, B2, G1, & G2 to the levels specified in USP <561>
  • Total Aerobic Microbial Count (TAMC)
  • Total Yeast and Mold Count (TYMC)
  • Enterobacterial Count (Bile-Tolerant Gram-Negative Bacteria)
  • USP <2021> and <2022>
  • Microbial suitability testing
  • qPCR (TPC, TYM, gram-negative bile tolerant, Escherichia coli
    Salmonella spp., Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus aureus) for flower and e-liquid
  • Bacterial Endotoxin testing with LER 
Laboratory Testing Services
  • Beta-D-Glucan testing
  • In vitro Toxicology  (Ames, MN, NRU, MLA, ToxTracker®)
  • Stability Testing
  • Flavourants
  • Dissolution
  • Propensity Testing
  • Particle Size
  • HPHC93
  • PMTA
  • Custom R&D Needs
Products We Test
  • Electronic cigarettes 
  • E-liquids 
  • Heat-not-burn 
  • Shisha/Waterpipe 
  • Modern oral 
  • Cigarettes & cigars
  • Smokeless tobacco
Health Canada
  • Constituents
  • In vitro Toxicology
  • Mainstream Smoke
  • Sidestream Smoke

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